Soccer Player Apologies for Scoring Goal

What’s on your mind when hear soccer player apologies for scoring a goal? I think you all know that it is an apology given by someone who scored one goal. Why do I say that? We will discuss more about it in this article. In essence, scoring a goal is a striker’s job. However, in a football game, it is not just a striker who can score goals, but also other players. Even, in some countries, there is a keeper who managed to score against the opponent. It was a rare thing, is not it? Talking about scoring goals, it is the interest thing that can be discussed here. You have probably read an article or news about players celebrate after scoring a goal. That is what we usually see. However, have you ever seen a player apologizes after scoring a goal?.

Typically, a player who had scored a goal will celebrate the goal in the edge or in the middle of the field. In fact, many of the football players celebrate it with the audience or supporters of the team. There are so many players in a way to celebrate. However, one thing that is unique and rarely we see is when a player has apologized after scoring a goal or commonly known as soccer player apologies for scoring goals. It often happens or performed by the player who scored the goal against an opponent who is his former club. The point is that the player scored a goal to former club which he opposed. Typically, these players will apologize to the audience that is in the stadium.

This event is a unique event that rarely happens. However, if you are a football lover, you will often see the incident of soccer player apologies for scoring goals in Europe. We all know that football players in Europe often move from one team or club to another. In fact, in one year, they can move to more than one club. Especially for the famous players in the world, they will often demand by other clubs. In this condition, the players usually will choose to move to another club. In this new club, these players could have been a reliable goal scorer. Not infrequently, they scored a goal against his former club which is ever defended.

Thing which is to consider is when they scored to former club. You do not need to look at how many goals he made, but you need to make a consideration in the celebration. The interesting thing is when we observe how they did celebrate. Often, they are not to celebrate, but instead apologized to the coaches and spectators in the stadium. This is commonly referred to as soccer player apologies for scoring goal.

You definitely know a player named Cristiano Ronaldo and Robin Van Persie, right? They are the best strikers in the world. They also have experienced the same thing when scoring. An example is Christiano Ronaldo. He has ever scored a goal against Porto. Porto is the club that was once defended by Ronaldo. When he scored a goal against Porto, he did not celebrate his goal. He actually apologized to the supporters of Porto because he felt that Porto is the club that made ??his name. In addition, Van Persie also ever scored goals against Arsenal and he apologized to the supporters. It is a few examples of soccer player apologies for scoring goal.