Homemade Football Player Halloween Costume

Even though Halloween has passed us already but it never is late to make a Halloween costume for next year Halloween and one of the most wanted costumes is homemade football player Halloween costume. Homemade costumes are the most suitable costumes to wear in Halloweens. It is so because there are a lot of funs when we make homemade costumes for Halloween. Homemade costumes are not only cheaper then costumes people can buy in the stores but it is also the right opportunity to invite your friends over and make it together.

As mentioned above the homemade football player Halloween costume is one of the costumes that people like to make and watch. It is so because football is one of the most popular sports that usually people admirer this make many people find it creepy when they know that their favorite football players turn to be ghosts or something like that. Moreover it is easy to make a homemade football player costume for a Halloween. What you need to do is to prepare several things like jersey, padding, leggings, helmet, and shoes. You can find the old football jersey that you have in the closet or borrow one from a friend that you know.

Homemade football player Halloween costume will not be complete without the padding under the jersey. It will be hard to find the hard padding but you can make the padding using stiff foam that will be stick in a random t-shirt that you have using duct tape or something similar so that it can attach to the t-shirt. After it is perfectly attached to the shirt then wear the shirt under the jersey that you have prepared. The next thing to prepare is the leggings. You can use the regular under knee-long leggings while you wants to use it.

For the next part of the homemade football player costume for Halloween are the helmet and the shoes. For the shoes you can use sneakers or soccer shoes or anything that is similar to the football shoes. However it is even better to show the authenticity if you use real football shoes. And for the helmets you can find many in the stores of Halloween equipments. To make your performance better you can make some part of the jersey or the helmet looks bloody or something to add the dramatic spooky look for your homemade football player Halloween costume.