Health Guru News Soccer NCAA Football

The health guru news soccer NCAA football might need to show their thoughtfulness to NCAA basketball team as bad news has come to this university basketball team. It is reported that Pat Summitt, the coach of basketball team has been diagnosed with early dementia after she visited her doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, right after the basketball season ended. Though she was diagnosed with this illness, she remains planning to coach the team as long as the Lord wants. She told her team that she would continue to be their coach in her limitations with her recent condition.

Summitt’s condition was actually first reported by Knoxville News Sentinel as Summitt told the newspaper that she would take some medication and mental exercises to manage her condition which is probably lead her to Alzheimer’s. The health guru news soccer NCAA football should admit that Pat Summitt is an amazing basketball coach as she is able to bring her team into victory. The NCAA football should appreciate Summitt as she has spent 37 seasons at Tennessee and achieved 1,071 victories and bring the team into eight national championships. It makes sense if many people are willing to give their support.

NCAA women football should be inspired by this woman coach as she brings a lot of inspiration not only for women’s basketball but also for all women athletics. Furthermore, the health guru news soccer NCAA football also appreciates Summitt’s courage to share her health condition considering that most people with the same problem tend to keep it as a secret. Pat Summit is known as a strong, honest, brave and excellent woman. She has given her best for team and will always do the same, as long as she could. She has coached and served with love for her team.

Hence, to show their support for Pat Summitt, All NCAA athletics teams including NCAA football team stand together with Pat Summitt and salute her courage and her dedication toward her basketball team. Though Pat Summitt has to fight against her early Alzheimer’s illness, she keeps doing what she can do to serve her team. It is reported that Pat came to her doctor and consult her health problem. After extensive test, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she needs to take medications. Everybody who knows her must be shocked with the news, including the health guru news soccer NCAA football.