Chris Jhon Retires From Boxing

Chris Jhon Retires From Boxing
Chris John got the first defeat of his career at the same time losing the world champion belt for so long he holds. Chris admits that his opponent did perform better.

Chris Jhon Retires From Boxing

Chris Jhon Retires From Boxing

Chris John finally pick the Thursday, December 19, 2013, as a day to finish the story. That day, Chris, who is often called the Dragon, decided to retire and hang up the gloves.

Chris fight vs Simpiwe Vetyeka in Metro City, Perth, Australia, Friday ( 06/12/2013 ) night, just run along the six rounds. Ahead of the start of the seventh round, Chris’s coach, Craig Christian, threw the towel in surrender .

Chris was overwhelmed to serve Vetyeka. He was even dropped by the South African boxer in the sixth round and get a count from the referee.

Chris declared lost TKO . He should be willing to give up the belt WBA featherweight world champion which already holds over one decade to Vetyeka. For Vetyeka, this victory made ??him unify the WBA and IBO titles at featherweight .

In his professional career as a boxer, only this time Chris was defeated his opponent. In 51 previous party, he won 48 times ( 22 KO ) and draw three times.

This defeat do not only interrupt Chris ambition to unify the titles. He also was unable to equal the record Eusebio Pedroza, Panamanian boxer who defended his title 19 times in the featherweight.
After a long record has never lost, Chris John title must be willing to fly to South Africa. On the unification match, the 34-year -old boxer lost a technical knock out in the sixth round of the boxer from South Africa , Simpiwe Vetyeka.

In the first round, both fighters still another phase. Chris John tried to attack Simpiwe, while occasionally staged punch. In this round, the Dragon tried to launch an attack with punches left and right combination. In the fifth round, landing a Simpiwe’s hard blow on the left temple of Chris John to bleed. Then successive blows were launched by Simpiwe, seen the Dragon has begun to slacken.

Simpiwe beat with hard blows up wobbly and he had sat down when trying to embrace Simpiwe. In the sixth round, Simpiwe the upper hand, Hok and swing a few punches landed badly to Chris John face, then he fell. Chris John looks to have run out of steam, so that ultimately not able to continue the round 7. Chris John gave up a technical knock out ( TKO ).

The winning made Simpiwe Vetyeka to earn in WBA featherweight. Previously, he was an IBO featherweight champion version. The title was achieved, after conquering the Indonesian boxer, Daud Jordan at April 2013 in Jakarta. This is the first defeat entire Chris Jhon career in professional boxing. Record he defended his world title 18 times, finally he was vanished in the 19th battle.

Chris John won the title from the hands of Colombian boxer Oscar Leon through an ad- interim fight in Bali, 26 September 2003. He failed to equal the record of the boxer from Panama , Eusebio Pedroza who successfully defended his title 19 times in the WBA featherweight. Amain a boxer, would also be lost. Chris John, who had never lost a whopping finally he knows what it is .

Chris Jhon Retires From Boxing

“It has been 15 years ago I became a boxer since 1998 until now, ” said Chris front of journalists who had gathered at the Kebun Jeruk, Jakarta, on Thursday afternoon(Thursday, December 19, 2013).

“But again, in this sport there is time to win, there is no time to lose. And at this time I would like to thank, the main God, to all parties, minister of youth and sports, coach. families, children and my wife” he said.

Chris’s last fight in Perth , Australia , Friday ( 12/06/2013 ) night, against Simpiwe Vetyeka. The fight was only running six rounds. Ahead of the start of the seventh round, coach Chris, Craig Christian, threw the towel in surrender.

Chris declared lost TKO. He should be willing to give up the belt WBA featherweight world champion which already bears over one decade to Vetyeka .

The defeat also be the first defeat of his career.

“There is no champion who never lost. Incredible Chris John proved himself, ” said fellow boxer, Daud Jordan.

Chris Jhon Profile
Real Name : Yohannes Christian John
Nick Name: The Dragon
Class : Featherweight
Height : 5 ft 6.5 in ( 1.69 m )
Reach : 65 in ( 170 cm )
Nationality : Indonesia
Born : 14 September 1979 ( age 34 )
Banjarnegara , Indonesia ( Live in Semarang )
Style : Orthodox

Note the match
Total matches : 51
Win : 48
Knockouts : 22
Lost : 1
Draw 3

2013-12-06 Chris John vs Simpiwe Vetyeka

“We proud of you Chris Jhon, Thank you “, author.