Muhammad Hargianto Profile – Talented Midfielder

Muhammad Hargianto Profile - Talented Midfielder
He was a 17 years old midfielder of the Indonesia U-19 National Team named Muhammad Hargianto who scored one of the goal that gives the team a ticket to the 2013 AFF Cup Final a couple of days ago. It was a 2-0 win for Indonesia U-19 National Team from Timor Leste U-19 National Team that opens the path for Indonesia to get to the trophy. Along with Muhammad Hargianto there was Ilham Udin Armayin who scored the other goal on that match. This victory is very much important for the Team which finally able to win the AFF Cup later on.

Muhammad Hargianto Profile – Talented Midfielder
Name : Muhammad Hargianto
Place/ Born : Jakarta, July 24, 1996
Education : SMAN Khusus Olahraga Ragunan
Achievements :
- AFF Cup U-19 2013
- Group A Qualification, AFC U-19 2013
Father : Sigit Setyawan
Mother : Sri Arbani Harsanti
Position : Midfielder
Jersey Number : 8

Muhammad Hargianto Profile - Talented Midfielder

Muhammad Hargianto Midfielder

Muhammad Hargianto was born in Jakarta on July 24, 1996 that makes him now 17 years old. Having 166cm of height and 57kg of weight makes his body quite ideal for a football player. He currently plays for the Indonesia U-19 National Team as a midfielder. His capability to maintain the match rhythm as well as controlling the ball flow to the front line makes him one of the best. It was proven on the time he scored a goal against Timor Leste on one of the AFF match. Thus Muhammad Hargianto stated that he was able to score a goal that time because he is getting a huge support from his family. His family was on the stadium as well during the match and that makes him very determined to give his best. Their family, especially his father is very proud of him to join the Indonesia National Team.

Muhammad Hargianto Profile - Talented Midfielder

His outstanding performance during the whole AFF U-19 Cup 2013 is not just gives him nothing. Aside of getting the long awaited Trophy, Muhammad Hargianto are also being on a lookup of the Persebaya Team. The official of the Persebaya Team stated that Muhammad Hargianto would be one of the players that the team is going to offer a contract to play for Persebaya next season of Indonesian League. Along with him there are three more Indonesia U-19 players that are going to be offered Persebaya contract. They are Ilham Udin Armayin, Evan Dimas Darmono, and also Maldini. The four of them can be said to be the best performer during the whole AFF Cup U-19 2013. Ilham Udin along with Muhammad Hargianto scored two important goals on the semi final match. Evan Dimas the captain of the team giving such incredible spirit and determination as also Maldini who is the attacking leader of the team.

Gol Pertama Muhammad Hargianto Indonesia Vs Filipina 1-0

Hargianto Jebol Gawang Filipina @ Indonesia vs Filipina 10 Oktober 2013