Maldini Pali Profile – Indonesian Maldini

Maldini Pali Profile - Indonesian MaldiniIndonesian national team finally won the AFF U-19, after in the final Indonesia beat Vietnam through the penalties shoot out. Indonesia previously defeated Timor Leste in the semifinals and assures Indonesia to the final against Vietnam. During the AFF championship takes place, there is one name that everyone knows in the spotlight. He is Maldini, a player ofU-19 national team whose full name is Maldini Pali. He is an Indonesia U-19 national team player. Maldini was a player who born in 27 januari1995. The player comes from Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

Maldini Pali Profile – Indonesian Maldini
In the national team, Maldini plays as a winger. This player can play on the both sides, left position and right one. Maldini become a player who needs more attention to any opponent who played against Indonesia. This player has the good skill. it is above average rate. He can also give the good passing as well. Maldini position on the right wing is not replaced by another player. He became the central player in Indonesia with Muchlis in the attacking area.

Maldini Pali Profile - Indonesian MaldiniMaldini, the player with 173 cm in his height is the central player of Indonesia on the right wing. Maldini Pali is a graduate of the SAD Uruguay player. He had previously joined in the school of football in excelent of PSSI, even he had sent to Leicester to gain experience there. Until right now, he is still a part of the main team in SAD Uruguay. In SAD Uruguay, Maldini plays with other international players.

The name of Maldini is the name given by his father. It is because his father is someone who idolized the AC Milan player, Maldini. Maldini father’s name is Paul Pangloli Pali and his mother is Esther Tambing. Maldini played with the jersey number 15. With the skills possessed by Maldini, he will be easy to get and join in the professional team in Indonesia. Maldini, by the age of 18 years would have a great future in Indonesian football.

Maldini Pali Profile – Indonesian’s Maldini

Name : Maldini Pali
Place / Born : Makasar – Sulawesi, 25 Januari 1995
Position : Ringht Winger
Country : Indonesia
Mother : Esti Tambing
Father : Paulus Panglolo Pali
Jersey Number : 15
High : 172cm
Experiences :
- Indonesia Football Academi
- Training in Leicester City, English
- Sociedad Anonima Deportivo (SAD) Uruguay
- Pelita Jaya
Achievement :
- AFF champion 2013
- Piala Suratin (Sinjai, Sulawesi Selatan)
- Tournamen Walikota Cup U-15 Makasar (Top Scorer and The Best Player)
Favorite Footballer : Lionel Messi
Favorite Club : Barcelona

Everybody has known Maldini because the AFF cup championship which is held in Indonesia. Maldini Pali can play well in the right side of the Indonesia national team. Maldini Pali is the central player for Indonesia because he has the good skill and ability in dribbling the ball and gives the passing to his friend. Maldini also become the main player for each match of the Indonesia. He is the best right wing player in Indonesia.

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