Hendra Sandi Gunawan Profile, Young and Talented U-19 Midfielder

Hendra Sandi Gunawan Profile, Young and Talented U-19 MidfielderThe Indonesia u-19 National Team that has just won the 2013 AFF Cup trophy has a very talented midfielder named Hendra Sandi Gunawan. This very talented young player was born in Kutapajar on February 10, 1995. The young man who is a fan of the famous Barcelona FC was a rising star on the Persiraja Banda Aceh Team just before he becomes one of the members of Indonesia U-19 Team. He played as a midfielder who always tries to supply the attacker with a good ball to be converted into goals. At his very young age of 18 years he is able to perform well as an attacking leader on every single Persiraja match. It is clear that he has a huge role on the Persiraja Banda Aceh team even he is still very young.

Hendra Sandi Gunawan Profile, Young and Talented U-19 Midfielder
His great talent and skill on football are not just come out of nowhere. He is a student of Tunas Bangsa High School of Banda Aceh which is famous as a special school for athletes. On this high school his football is trained more and more to be much better. Hendra Sandi Gunawan has played football since he was in elementary school. He was once played for the junior team on PPLP Aceh, Povwil Aceh, and also South Aceh Persal as well. Currently his highest achievement is being called to join the U-19 Indonesia National Team where he really shows his talents and skills as well. This young man who loves to play video games even has a target to accomplish soon enough. Hendra Sandi Gunawan wants to join the Indonesia Senior Team which is the first National Team of Indonesia. Looking at his performance of today, it is possible that e will be able accomplish his target in no time.

Hendra Sandi Gunawan Profile

Name : Hendra Sandi Gunawan
Place/ Born : Kutapajar on February 10, 1995
Nationality : Indonesia
Father : Condro Darmono
Education :
- Tunas Bangsa High School of Banda Aceh

Position : Midfielder
club :
- The junior team on PPLP Aceh
- Povwil Aceh
- South Aceh Persal
- Persiraja Banda Aceh

Achievements :
- Champion of U-19 AFF 2013


Hendra-Sandi-Gunawan Profile

Currently, as one of the Indonesia U-19 Team member which has just won a huge title for Indonesia,

Hendra Sandi Gunawan

is very proud of the team. The victory is very important to the team and to the entire member as well. He uses the victory as a spirit to get to highest level of performance and competition as well.  After the AFF U-19 Cup is over he will be back to join the Persiraja Banda Aceh to continue giving his best efforts for the team. Just as what he did a couple of times ago when Persiraja could beat the famous Persija Jakarta with 2-0 victory. He believes that with a hard work everything is possible.

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