Hansamu Yama Pranata Profile, Indonesia U-19 Defender

Hansamu Yama Pranata Profile, Indonesia U-19 DefenderThe outstanding performance of Indonesia U-19 National Team on the AFF U-19 Cup is also affected by best efforts given by one of the young defender named Hansamu Yama Pranata. Hansamu Yama Pranata was born on January 16, 1995 in Mojokerto Indonesia. It was about three weeks before the actual AFF Cup begins that he was asked to join the Indonesia U-19 National Team. He was on his training with the Deportivo Indonesia Teamin Uruguay at the time he was asked to join the National Team. He has been on the Deportivo Indonesia Team for about one and a half year to train and improve his skill. The Deportivo Indonesia Team is basically an Indonesian team which has its training in Uruguay. He was on his second grade of senior high school when he decided to join the tea and go to Uruguay. Fortunately his performance as well as development during the time he was on the Deportivo Indonesia Team is what make him a part of Indonesia National Team today. It is a great experience to be played for the National Team at an early age as stated by Hansamu who has 179cm of height and 70kg of weight.

Hansamu Yama Pranata Profile, Indonesia U-19 Defender

Name : Hansamu Yama Pranata
Place/ Born : Mojokerto, 16 January 1995
Club :
- Deportivo Indonesia Uruguay
Education :
- SMPN 2 Mojoanyar
- SMA Taman Siswa Mojokerto
Father : Puji
Mother : Endang Riwayati
Siblings : 1st Child of 2 Siblings
Weight : 70Kg
Height : 179 Cm
Achievements :
- AFF U-19 2013
- AFC Qualification G Group U-19, 2013
Jersey Number : 16
Position : Defender

Hansamu Yama Pranata Profile, Indonesia U-19 DefenderHansamu Yama Pranata is the first son of the family who has a younger brother as well. His family is very much proud of him and always supports him in relation to his football career. It is seen at the time he decided to leave the Taman Siswa High School on second grade and go to Uruguay to join the Deportivo Indonesia Team. Becoming a football player is really his dream since he was a child, therefore when he asked to join the National Team he accepted right away. Right after him and his other fellows on the National Team U-19 won the AFF Cup 2013 he will continue to join the team for the AFC Qualifying Round. Hansamu Yama Pranata is hoping that he will be able to join the First Team of Indonesia later on when he is getting older and his skill is getting much better. As of many other players, he also wants to give his best for his National Team. He stated that the National Team is the ultimate goal for every player in the country; therefore he is very happy and proud to be part of it and will always try to remain on the team.

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