Evan Dimas Darmono Profile, Indonesia U-19 Captain

Evan Dimas Darmono Profile, Indonesia U-19 Captain
Evan Dimas Darmono Profile, Indonesia U-19 Captain

One of the key players on the Indonesia U-19 National Team which has just won the AFF U-19 Cup of 2013 is

Evan Dimas Darmono

. This 18 years old young man is the captain of the team that defeats Vietnam on the final through a very dramatic penalty shootout with 7-6 of the final score. On one of the match against Thailand, Evan Dimas even scored a hat trick that leads the team to huge 3-1 victory on that match as well. On his very young age of just 18 years old, he has such incredible spirit of football that makes him very much determined to win every single match he is on. This kind of spirit and determination is very important for a captain to lead the whole team getting the best possible result. His spirit and also dedication has been shown all along the AFF 2013 Cup so that the Indonesia U-19 team could finally won the title after a very long waiting time. Evan Dimas Darmono was born on March 13, 1995 in Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province of Indonesia. He plays as a midfielder on the team and he is using jersey number 6.

Evan Dimas

Evan Dimas Darmono Profile

Name : Evan Dimas
Place/ Born : Surabaya, 13 March 1995
Nationality : Indonesia
Father : Condro Darmono
Mother : Ana
Height : 164
Weight : 54Kg
Siblings : The eldest of 4 siblings
Jersey Number : 6
Education :
- SMA Shafta Lontar Citra Surabaya
- SSB Sasana Bhakti (Sakti)

Position : Midfielder
club :
- Mitra Surabaya
- Persebaya 1927

Achievements :
- HKFA International Youth Invitation Tournament in Hongkong 2012
- Champion of U-19 AFF 2013
- The Change (talent contest)

Twitter : @EvanDimasD

Evan Dimas

On his very young age Eva Dimas is quite experienced football player compared with other players of the U-19 team. This is the reason of him selected by the coach as the captain of the team. He was once went to Barcelona and having a kind of training from the famous Pep Guardiola as well. That was when he joined an event named Nike the Chance a couple of years back. Although he did not reach the end of the event, yet he has got a bit of international experience as football player. He was also part of Devortipo SAD Indonesia Program and trained all the way in Uruguay to achieve greater skill. Unfortunately he cannot continue the program due to a couple of things. Earlier on when he was still very young he studied football in Mitra Surabaya Football School just before given a chance to prove his skill and talent on the U-17 Indonesia National Team. As of today, after giving a very important win for Indonesia, he is one of the most famous U-19 Indonesia players. As long as he keeps the spirit and determination, he would join the Real Indonesia National Team in no time.


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