Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior Top Goals

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior Top Goals – Neymar is a young talented player that Brazil has. He was just 17 when playing for his first professional club. The fact that he had scored a lot of goals in 2009 is encouraging. Neymar would like to be recruited by many leading clubs. That’s mainly because of his slick skills and achievements. He managed to steal the limelight with no less than 14 goals in 19 different games. He is very skilful in finishing, making him named as one of the best players.

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior Top Goals

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior Top Goals

He has successfully created a massive euphoria in Brazil. One We’ll talk about Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior top goals. Although he is a soccer star with a brilliant career, but he is often having troubles due to his attitude. However, the bad behavior doesn’t make him lose fans. In fact, his fans keep growing over time and he’s still in high demand from various clubs. There were many bids submitted by popular clubs. A bid from Chelsea was quite popular. Back in 2010, the club wanted Neymar for £ 22 million transfer. However, Santos requested another bid which was £ 30 million. According to Chelsea, the value was too high.

2010 started his professional career in Brazil. He eventually signed a new contract which is going to expire by 2015. After his decision to rejoin Santos, Brazilian society gave a warm welcome, praising him for his patriotic. The fact that he chose to stay was also influenced by the increase of salary. He was going to end his 09/10 with 42 goals in 60 different games. Speaking of Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior top goals, what’s the most exciting part? In 2011, Neymar had the opportunity to try out a new platform, the Copa Libertadores. The competition is very famous all over the world. It also may be the reason why he decided to stay. He might want to play in the tournament before taking his career to another level.

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior Top Goals 2

One thing you should know is Neymar had to deal with fatigue. When he was 18, in 2009, he played in 60 games. Two years after, it increased thanks to his participation in the Copa Libertadores. In 2011, he defended Brazil against Scotland. Through 2 of his first international games, he managed to score 3 goals which were pretty impressive. He occupies the same level as Pelé and Romário who have also scored 3 goals respectively. In 2011 season, he had scored no less than 10 different goals through 26 games.

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