The Best Scenes on Iron Man 3

The Best Scenes on Iron Man 3 – If you are a fan of Robert Downey Jr., you certainly will not miss the Iron Man 3. This movie gains a fantastic success ever since it was released. However, it is a story that complements the awesomeness of the movie. It holds the record as one of the movies with the biggest domestic opening. That position is just behind the Avengers. While this movie is very successful, there are a lot of crews involved behind the scenes. We don’t know if the movie meets your expectations or not. However, we will explain the best scenes on Iron Man 3.

best scenes on Iron Man 3

The fact that the movie is directed by Shane Black makes the Iron Man 3 more interesting. The anticipation for the movie was huge, and fans should not be left unsatisfied. In our opinion, in general all scenes are perfectly arranged. We loved every detail of the effect, from Christmas setting, fire, dialogue, and everything. You also may feel impressed with the voice-over narration that appeared in this film. Each hero has its own lethal weapon. And it’s also prominently displayed on the film, so that everybody will enjoy it. Since this is an action movie, the violence needs to get a special treatment. In this case, we think it is very well set. You could feel the tension of each scene gradually intensified.

There are many best scenes on Iron Man 3, so don’t forget to watch it. Have you watched the previous series of Iron Man? If so, could you tell the best moments? You may need a little time to think of it. However, the real attraction was the Robert Downey Jr. in quip-ready mode. We really enjoy the scene where then President snatched from the plane. It felt so intense at that moment. You may also feel the same. As you may expect, Iron Man is a strong lifesaver. His bravery and strength can defeat his enemies with ease.

best scenes on Iron Man 3 2

Another best scene on the iron man 3 is stark’s panic attacks. They are perfectly set, not like a super hero who crazily strikes. There are consequences shown so the audience is able to understand the story line more clearly. For example, the character Tony had a bomb on his back, allowing him to zoom through a wormhole. And then, you can also see how Tony coped with his panic attacks. We know that those attacks are mainly caused by children. While the consequences are very interesting to see, there is one drawback. It is when those problems don’t affect him at all. However, overall this movie is excellent and worth watching. That was some best scenes on Iron Man 3.