Technology Iron Man 3 in Real Life

Technology Iron Man 3 in Real Life – We will look at the sophisticated technology used in the movie Iron Man 3. We are amazed with the rapid technological developments lately. Lots of fancy gadgets are popping up with cutting-edge functionality. Watching Iron Man 3, you will be mesmerized by the variety of technologies on offer. The first iron man 3 technology is the smart glasses. Imagine you can see information in front of your eyes just by using glasses. This concept has been around a long time and now many developers are trying to find a solution for this case.

technology Iron Man 3

If you’ve heard of Google Glass, you must already know that it implemented this concept. You can now feel the vision of Tony Stark. Google is one of the IT giants in the world. With this technology being developed by Google, we could possibly try it in the near future. You can open Google maps, read the information through the Internet, and display other information. Another technology Iron Man 3 is armors. The main protection when fighting is armor. We’re getting closer to the robot suit that can be seen in Iron Man 3. This particular suit is being developed by DARPA of the USA. One of the most recent collections is The XOS 2 exoskeleton, released in 2010. Since it is made of a hard material, you can hit your opponent fatally.

Jet packs are also a new gadget that allows you to float in the air. While this technology is still very new, you can already fly a few feet from the ground. Jet speeds are owned by Superheros like Superman and Batman. If you want to feel it, you just need to wait until the technology is successfully realized. Technology Iron Man 3 is so advanced. Another one that might interest you is the laser gun. Lasers have been used for a variety of needs. The technology that’s called repulsor ray is embedded in the armor. This technology is being developed in Germany by Patrick Priebe. While it’s still using litihium-ion batteries, at least you can feel this futuristic technology already. The laser has a blue color and quite dangerous. It is not for play since it can cause skin burns. It could even blow up a balloon very easily.

technology Iron Man 3 2

Have you ever imagined moving things with the mind? It may sound nonsense. However, the new technology allows us to do so. Our mind stores extraordinary abilities, such as telekinesis. With refinement, it is not impossible we could move things with some concentration. What makes it even more promising is Samsung is behind this project. We know that Samsung is one huge IT company that always offers great new technology.

That was technology Iron Man 3.