New Software 2013 by Apple

New Software 2013 by Apple – Apple is one IT giant that has dominated the world market for a long time. They’re always innovating with new technologies so that consumers have never been bored with their new products. Do you know the new software 2013 by Apple? We will explain the latest information on Apple technology. As you may already know, Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the Worldwide Developers Conference along with many other senior executives.

new software 2013 by Apple

The annual event is an opportunity for them to discuss the latest technologies by Apple. There are some important points in the new software  2013 by Apple. MacBook Airs were introduced at the event. These new gadgets have some improvements over the previous versions. They have a fresh design and software. There are a range of exciting services on those devices, such as a new streaming music service. The event was also attended by several software developers. There were many things discussed, including Mac Pro. A Mac Pro was showed there, and it has a resemblance to Darth Vader’s helmet. For you Apple fans, you need to be patient because there are many surprises that have been prepared for next year.

Craig Federighi said that the company doesn’t want to software release postponed by cats. That was actually a parody, as you may have heard names like “Mountain Lion”. It was a name given to operating system updates. That name was supposed to be OS X Mavericks. So, do you have any idea what the new software 2013 is going to be? There is some information that has been revealed. The first one is the OS may support tagging. It aims to help you find files more easily. You just need to assign tags, and then you can find documents under those tags.

new software 2013 by Apple 2

It was also said that the new OS will work with multiple monitors. For example, you can connect a TV with Apple’s AirPlay to display this function. Another enhancement is in battery life. We know that Smartphones and many other products still lack battery life. If this is improved, we can get more powerful gadgets. If we can currently find Macbook Airs with 5 hours of battery life, then in the coming years the battery life will be extended up to 9 hours. All models are likely improved as well. The 13-inch model that currently has 7 hours of battery life might be extended to 12 hours. While there are some significant improvements on several gadgets, these probably will not affect prices too much. You can probably get MacBook Airs for less or more than $ 1,000. Well, that was new software 2013 by Apple.