Messi vs Ronaldo, who’s Better?

Messi vs Ronaldo, who’s better? That it is common knowledge that both acts have extraordinary abilities. When it comes to skills, Messi vs Ronaldo are probably equivalent. They are simply two of the most well-known football players around the world, along with Rooney and Beckham.

Messi vs Ronaldo

Let’s see the best traits of both players. As we all know, Ronaldo has unmatched skills. He has perfect skills from various sides. The main plus point of Ronaldo is he is two-footed. Throughout his career, he has scored so many goals. His heading ability is also good, allowing he scored goals on numerous occasions. We think Ronaldo is superior on several sides. However, Messi has his own capabilities that set him apart from other footballers. Can you guess what his success key is? As far as we’re concerned, instinct is always to be the best thing owned by Messi. When he’s playing, everything looks very natural.

He is also one of the most prolific football players. He is not only able to match past players’ skills, but he’s also able to compete with the newcomers. He makes football seems so easy. No wonder because he really feels it while playing, not only to chase the victory. Do you already have the winner of Messi vs Ronaldo? It is more about preference. In our opinion, they are the best players that we have today. Perhaps, only few who can match the skills that they have. Ronaldo really shines even since he played for Manchester United. There is no doubting his expertise in turning opportunities into goals.

Messi vs Ronaldo 2

He has good skills as if he was born with them. You may also admire his free kicks. Well, that was his special feature that that differentiates him from the other players. He really knows how to pass the goalkeeper. When you are a top scorer of the world, it means you are somebody special. So, what’s about Messi? The thing that makes him special is his groundbreaking records. He has ever scored no less than 85 goals in 1 year. Well, that record was so awesome. The record was eventually broken again by another player with 91 goals. It has been printed in the history, so new records will not erase him from history. As a football player, his determination is unbreakable. As a human being, he is known to be very humble. That being said, no matter who’s better between Messi vs Ronaldo, each one of them has special things. It’s so subjective in determining the better one. It’s all up to you to determine the better player.

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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

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