The History of The Lost City in the World

The History of The Lost City in the World – There are many countries and nations in the world, all have their own history. There are many interesting stories about cities in the world. You may have heard the story of the lost city in the world.

lost city in the world

Many ancient cities are found today. However, they’re still surrounded by mystery. They disappeared for various reasons, such as submerged by earthquakes, or another. Here are popular lost cities in the world. The first one is the Machu Picchu. It’s said that the city has been missing for 500 years. The city was found again in 1911, in Peru. It lies in the northwest of Cusco. The city keeps a history of the Icna kingdom. That’s why the ancient city is still popular until now. It was originally built in 1450. However, the city was abandoned by its inhabitants after the Spanish came and controlled of the city.

The next popular lost city in the world is Akhetaten. This ancient city is located in Egypt. One interesting fact about Akhetaten is it was the center of the Egypt Kingdom. If you know of Tutankhamun, it was his father who became the king at the time. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Tutankhamun’s death. The legendary mummy is still a topic of conversation to this day. The city was destroyed, even until now we could only see the ruins on side of the Nile. It’s so excited to discuss the lost city in the world. You may also be excited to know about Babylon. This was an important city, located in the ancient Babylonians. The god Marduk was the founder of this city. However, years after the city was destroyed by Sargon. He used the area to build a new empire. The city once known so fertile and prosperous, but it is not we can see today. All we can see are the ruins which don’t indicate how prosperous this city was.

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There are a lot of lost cities in the world. All of them save unique stories that sometimes make us impressed. You may know about Nan Madol. The city was found on the island of Pohnpei. What makes this city even more unique is that it is made of rocks. It was first established in the 12th century, and it managed to survive until the 17th century. The last one is Sigiriya located in Sri Lanka. It is a city with a high civilization because Buddhism developed rapidly there. Now the ancient city has become a favorite tourist destination for foreign tourists. The city was even more special because it’s included as one of seven UNESCO world wonders.