Lionel Messi Top Goals

Lionel Messi Top Goals – Lionel Messi has been known to change his extraordinary things to become so normal. He rarely disappoints when it comes to making goals. This time we will discuss Lionel messi top goals that you might admire. He is one of the top scorers that Barcelona has ever had. It’s only 37 goals to go before he holds the record for all games.

Lionel messi top goals

the list of Lionel messi top goals

He also has a great chance to break La Liga scoring record by Telmo Zarra. The following are the top goals by him since he started his career. The first one is with Albacete, La Liga 1 May 2005. This is when Lionel Messi scored his first goal when he joined Barcelona. To complement that achievement, he was aligned with Ronaldinho as accomplished footballers. For a 17-year old boy, the goal was really fantastic and probably the most precious throughout his entire career. There are a lot of Lionel messi top goals that you may still remember. The next one he made for Getafe, La Liga 10 April 2012. If you still remember, Iniesta was the first who played the ball to Messi. At that time, 8 Getafe players were close together. All the defenders tried to grab the ball, but Messi and Iniesta did an extraordinary collaboration. Messi with his full power shot the goalkeeper and score a goal. This inevitably belongs to the top goals by Messi.

If you remember the Getafe goal, you will also be reminded by the Real Zaragoza goal that was made in 2007. It was an exciting match, leaving audiences with incredible euphoria. Messi picked up the ball until he got to the half way line. And then he went into the corners to look for opportunities to make a goal. He finally saw an opportunity and chased the goal. Inevitably, the shot was so exquisite, so it deserves a spot in the Lionel Messi top goals. Speaking of talents, we don’t have enough words to describe this football player. You can recognize how talented he is by looking at the list of goals he has made throughout his career.

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Lionel Messi Top Goals: FC Copenhagen

You may remember when Messi was playing with FC Copenhagen. The goal was made possible with the cooperation of Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, and Messi dano. The shot was like a rifle and it was so astonishing. At the moment, there was nobody at the edge of the area, until finally he managed to do it. Another spectacular goal by him was scored last year. You may remember clearly how Iniesta dribbled slowly but with high accuracy. It gave Messi a chance to make a goal.