Cristiano Ronaldo Top Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Goals – It seems like everybody knows Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a talented young football player who was born on February 5, 1985 in Funchal. He has 1 brother and 2 sisters. His football career is resound, no wonder because he got the maximum support from the family since he was a child. He has loved football since childhood, and now he has grown into a famous football player. Many matches he has done, and many goals he has created. Talking about Cristiano Ronaldo top goals, there are many to mention. But it can’t be separated from the fact that Ronaldo has been very long in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Goals

As with other footballers, Ronaldo began his career as an ordinary footballer with a low salary. His first professional club was Sporting Lisbon, and now he is able to earn 100 times the average salary of the club, which is equal to 40,000 euro in only a week. It’s such a big amount of money that only biggest soccer stars can get. His career spans over a decade, starting from 2003 in which he played for Portugal. Since then, there are a lot of Cristiano Ronaldo top goals made.

In only two seasons, he has scored 100 goals. If you are a loyal fan of Ronaldo, you would already know the “hattrick” which was popularized by CR7. People in Santiago Bernabeu are familiar with the term. Among Cristiano Ronaldo top goals, some are highly preferred. The first is the goal against Barcelona. The goal was created in the final of the Copa del Rey in 2011. People also refer to it as the best goal of the Madridistas.

You may remember that Real Madrid was so excited to face Barcelona for winning. They finally meet again in the top league, and it was known as the second competition. Both brought their best formations down, and the match went on so fiercely. Although Barca was dominating, Madrid finally came out as the winner. Cristiano Ronaldo with his skills kicked and it turned out to be a goal. That is one of the top cristiano ronaldo goals and also very vital. First, it was the first Madrid’s victory against Barcelona. Secondly, it’s a vengeance of Madrid which was defeated by 5-0. It also gave major influence to Jose Mourinho.

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Goals 2

Cristiano Ronaldo top goals

If you would like to know other Cristiano Ronaldo goals that are considered the best, here is the recap. The first one was a free-kick against Olympique Marseille in the Champions League 2009/2010. The second one is the goal made in the match against Ajax in the Champions League 2011/2012. The third one is a heel kick against Malaga in La Liga 2011/2012.