Big Treasures in the Sea

Some big treasures in the sea – If you ever watched the movie Titanic, you must be familiar with sea treasures. They are under the sea and can come from anywhere. Sinking ships are usually the main place to find sea treasures. It’s because the ancient people always sail from continent to continent bringing stuff on their ships.

big treasure in the sea

big treasure in the sea: Ukraine

Several ships that sank to the bottom of the ocean carried many wonderful treasures. Some of them were recently found. Most surprisingly, some of these treasures have high values. There are many big treasures in the sea. First, we’ll find out a popular treasure found in Ukraine. If you are interested in Roman history, you should also be excited to hear this story. This happened in the Artezian age. It was said there were many people living in the Bosporus Kingdom. They were trying to hide from enemies, known as the Roman invaders. These people tried best protecting their wealth from the invaders. The treasures included bronze, gold, silver, and many others. Those precious things eventually become a treasure 2,000 years later.

There are many big treasures in the sea, they have different stories. Although some treasures are very precious, people who brought them with no longer live. That means scientists are trying to find out the owners of the treasures using scientific research. Most of the people who owned the treasures died shortly because the treasures sank with the ships that carried them. There are many items found on this expedition, like rings with Greek gods carved upon them.

big treasure in the sea 2

Another big treasure in the sea was found in Spain. The total of the treasure is worth $ 500 million which is very huge. The treasure was buried in the bottom of the ocean for more than 200 years. What makes the treasure is very expensive? There are about 594,000 golds weighing more than 12 tons. It is a famous discovery in Spain. It requires planes to transport the heavy treasure. Odyssey Exploration is the company that recovered it. The company has spent about $ 2.6 million to protect these findings. Do you want to know where this big treasure came from? The Spanish ship Nuestra allegedly brought the treasure before it was finally sunk by British Ship. The tragedy took place around 1804. Meanwhile, Odyssey Marine Exploration, the inventor of the treasure, was founded in 1994. The company has found many shipwrecks, including this one.

It’s so amazing to hear stories about treasures being buried for hundreds to thousands of years are finally found again.