Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around The World

Valentine’s Day Celebrations Around The World
Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost all over the world by giving flowers, chocolates and various other gifts as a symbol of love in a partner. Just like other celebrations, Valentines Day is celebrated with traditions vary by region.

Valentine's Day Celebrations Around The World

1. China
In the Chinese calendar, Valentine’s Day is known as Qi Xi Jie. This year, Valentine’s Day will fall on August 13. To celebrate Valentines Day, the people who are in love or in a relationship partner will visit the temple to pray and ask for happiness marriage or love relationship. At night, young unmarried women would pray to Vega, the goddess of love story that helps knit to quickly meet a mate.

2. Wales
Unlike the part of the world, Wales celebrate Valentines Day on January 25. This date is also known as the Dwynwen day. The tragic story of Santa Dwynwen Wales inspires people to exchange gifts and gifts to express their deepest feelings to each other. Traditionally, Valentine’s day is celebrated by giving a gift of a love spoon.

3. Slovenia
Saint Valentine was one of the saints who was instrumental in the spring (February 14) in Slovenia. People in this country believe that any plants and flowers will start to grow today. Valentine’s Day is the first day Slovenia community began working on the vineyards and fields.

According to their traditions and beliefs, Saint Valentine is coming in today, and take the key fertility for plant roots. While Valentines Day celebration in Slovenia is celebrated every year on March 12.

4. Japan
On February 14 women will give a box of chocolates to men they like. This type of chocolate is given depends on the status of the relationship. For example, to superiors, colleagues, and friends of men.

Instead, the chocolate will be given to a lover, potential boyfriend, or husband called honmei-choko. Chocolate is special because it was made by women.

The tradition of Valentine in Japan do not stop here. One month after Valentine’s (14 March), there is White Day. On this date he will reply chocolate that has been received.

5. South Korea
Valentine tradition in Korea is similar to Japan’s tradition. The women will give chocolate to the lovely men on February 14.

6. Finland
Unlike other countries who think Valentine’s Day is a romantic day, in Finland Valentine’s is celebrated as friendship day. Finnish society called Valentine’s Ystavanpaiva (day friend).

7. English
On the night of Valentine’s Day, men and women will be pinned four leaves in the corners of their bed pillows. They will also eat the eggs and replace salt in foods. This method is believed to eliminate the shackles of love in them. The women believe that the tradition will make their dream of a husband in the future.

The next day, they will write the name of the loved one or a few men who preferred on a piece of paper and keep it in a separate barrel-shaped clay. then Barrel is washed away in the flow of water, and wait a while until it returns to them. The name of man who would come back first believed to be their partner.